Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Awww! Where to start.  Oh!! I know.  It was that thing called employment.  My husband took a job offer that brought us to good ol' Georgetown, Texas nearly three years ago.  We left what had become home to us for sixteen years.  Which was very hot! Hot! Hot! Phoenix, Arizona.  We went from city life to what I call country.  It has taken some getting use to.  I share this wonderful home with my fantastic husband and two children. 18 year old boy and 16 year old girl.  Our oldest lives here in TX as well.  My husband and I look forward to those empty nester days.  They won't be to long now.

Home is a wonderful place to be.  It's a place filled with LOVE, LAUGHTER AND DREAMS.  I love my house but it is a little awkward.  It seems most of the space is all up stairs.  The down stairs is tiny.  It needs to be flipped so the square footage makes since.  We have not paid much attention to this big beautiful beast and I believe now is the time to do so.  So we are finally making changes some big and some small.  We were blessed with a nice size yard also.  That needs a lot of TLC.  I see a lot of work in our future.

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