Friday, May 9, 2014


Well it's about time we give this kitchen some much needed love.  We decided to take out that oh so ugly electric stove top.  So of course one new appliance leads to the oven, dishwasher, microwave and before you know you spend to much.  But we did forget one the microwave, but she will be updated soon.  We went with a gas stove.  I love, love, love it!!!  There is something about stainless steel that represents a clean environment.  We took out that UGLY and I can not emphasis on the word UGLY counter top.  A pale pink Formica.  We replaced it with a Quartz counter top.  I just love it!!  Well silly us thinking we will save pennies and remove the tile back splash our selves.  Oh boy!! hmmm I am not sure those pennies were worth it...LOL.  It wasn't easy but we got them off.  Needless to say there we (ok I) left some pretty good holes.  So now we are on the the prepping of the wall and painting.  Have not decided on a back splash yet.  May go with one or may not.   That is the least of my worries.  We will wait a few weeks before we do anything with the cabinets.  Trying to decided which way we want to go with the cabinets.  They are wood and in great condition so we will see.

Yay!!!! My kitchen is all painted and I can finally put things back.  The problem that I have is I want to put new things back in  I am sure all understand.  The dinning  room came out great.  Better then I expected.

《《《《Kitchen after we got tile off.  Waiting for our new counter top.

Here is one shot.  Need to get it put all back together

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