Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Oh my!  You ever have those day where you wake up and go, What hell happen to me?  Where did all those come from?  You know the gray hairs, the twenty-five million more freckles, those lip lines and crows feet around your eyes.  Oh my gosh!! Let's not forget those deep wrinkles in your forehead.  I swear they were not there yesterday.  Yesterday I felt young and vibrate, active and full of energy.  Today totally different story.  It started with getting out of bed and my darn back ached so bad.  And you get out of bed like your a ninety year old woman. Your moaning and groaning because your all aching.  Trust me I'd much rather moan and groan in a different way...lol.  Then I went to brush my teeth and I thought damn Connie you aged drastically over night...lol.   I know it wasn't over, but it sure felt like it.  So i hopped in the shower thinking it was going to help what I see in the mirror.  And to my surprise it did not...
I looked in the mirror this morning and every freckle on my face was screaming at me ;).   And the lips lines that are fine, but there showed up.  And those deep forehead lines that I contemplate on should I or shouldn't I get botoxs were screaming louder then my freckles.  Today I just felt old old old!!.  Do you ever have those days?


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