Sunday, June 22, 2014


Frustration is what I am feeling.  I have good life and have had the privilege of being able to stay home and raise my kids.  I have enjoyed it.  It means a lot to me, to be able to kiss my children in the morning while I drop them off to school, or waited with them at the buss stop.  I love it that I was there to pick them up from school, or at home waiting for them.  It has been a pleasure.  I would not do it any other way.

So the frustration comes from trying to find employment.  I understand that I am up against everyone else who is looking for a job these days.  The ones with degrees, more experience,college students, teenager looking for their first jobs and so on.  I have been looking for some time now.  NO!! I don't need a job.  I just figured it would be nice if I got lucky and it happen.  So I wrote up a resume, which I was really against.  I felt like I did not have any thing interesting to put on there.  Even though I did home daycare for twelve years with a structured preschool program.  And I do volunteer work also.  So I finally enlisted help in writing a resume.  Came out really nice I might add.  I started with stores where I can actually fill out a paper application and turn in my resume with it.  I figured it would give employer an opportunity to see my personality.  Well I had no such luck :(.  So, a few months after the feeling of rejection went away.  I decided to give it another try.  So I went a different route.  I signed up on this job search engine where I was able to look for employment locally.  They sent me everything from Papa Johns Pizza to Walmart and local small business owner.  You would have to fill out applications online.  The only respond I ever got back was an automatic Thank you, your application is being reviewed.  No need to email us back.  What a bunch of crock. After more frustration I took a little break again.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I should be applying at Michael's, Joann's, Hobby Lobby.  Why not? all I do is spend all my time between those three stores and I sure in the heck know the stores like the back of my hand.  Well I thought that was a brilliant idea.  So I go to Michael's and Joann's who says they are hiring go online. Uggghh!! Really.  Hobby Lobby gave me a paper application, so I was able to attach my resume to yet.  Of course they gave me the don't call me, I'll call you speech.  I filled out the online applications for Michael's and Joann's, the had to do that test.  You know the one where I swear they ask you the same question in twenty thousand different ways.  Even though those two stores have this huge hiring sign.  I get emails saying they do not have anything available for me at this time...LOLOL.  Feeling like a loser for sure.  Well nothing happen at any of those places.  I thought I still have one ace in my pocket.  I am a frequent shopper at the great ol' JCPenny store.  I have gotten to know many of the workers there.  So they allowed me to use them as references.  They were kind and informed the person in charge of hiring (don't know their actual title).  I was for sure it was a shoe in.  So over to the key ops I go to fill out the application.  As I pressed send one of the employees who was rooting for me.  Said " let me let A*** know to look for your application".  Oh ya and I had to take another one of those silly test.  Finally this person comes and ask if I have a resume and I had it to him.  He gives it a quick look over and tells me.  "if I don't call you in three days, go ahead and give me a call".  Well I personally don't take that was a great sign.  So after a follow up call to him.  He lets me down gently.

I don't get it.  First of all I don't get how you are suppose to sell yourself when everything is online.  Second when you get the opportunity to sell your self face to face, what is it that they want?  It sure is frustrating that's for sure.  The good thing is that employment is not a must.  So I have time for the right job to fall into my lap.  I am a believer if its meant to be it will happen.

xoxox.....GOOD NIGHT

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