Thursday, August 14, 2014


Don't you just love pretty toes?  I do.  So I just have to share this.  Just in case you haven't tried Sally Hansens Gel Polish.  It does the job.  I have never gone and gotten a Pedi.  Can you believe that!  Yep! that is true.  I am sure I am not alone, but for the most part I feel like I am.  You see I have the ugliest and I do mean ugliest toes ever.  Well it is more like the nails.  So I just keep them polished and looking cute so they don't scare anyone :). I have become a master at doing my own Pedi's. So when I came across this polish set I thought I should give it a try.  Omg!! it is fabulous.  It has stayed on without chipping for almost three weeks.  It really has held up.  Now this is the only color I have tried.  Directions say: two coats of polish and one coat of top coat.  I however did two coats of polish, first coat let dry completely then second coat let dry completely.  Then I added two top coats letting them dry completely in between coats.  My opinion a MUST try

Another little great find is this Make-up Mist and Set .  I only use drug store make up.  I am not into that expensive make-up.  Heck buying eye shadow that cost $6 -$8 dollars is to much for me.  Most of the time I can't justify buying it.  So I found this Elf Make-up Mist and Set at the grocery store. I thought "what the heck lets try it."  I am not really sure what it is suppose to do.  But I notice I do not need to touch my make-up throughout the day at all.  So if that is its purpose then I will say its a gem at $2.00 a bottle.  Ya'll should try it.  What is your favorite make up tip?

Thanks for reading...(HUGS)

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