Hi, and welcome to this page.  I thought it would be fun to share my fashion two cents with ya all.  I am no expert that is for sure.  But I have been playing dress up since I can remember.  My greatest memory about playing dress up is how I use to borrow my aunt's size 4 high heels.  Now, I don't know where she got them, or if they were kids size or not.  All I know is my mom wouldn't buy them for me and I was so happy that we shared the same size shoe when I was about ten years old.  Hope to share my own style and what works for me.

July 28, 2014
I am usually a high heel kinda gal.  But there are those days when I just wanna to wear something causal.  And since it is so hot! hot! hot! outside, I thought this would be a cute little outfit.  Not to mention that I love this pineapple phase this summer.

Isn't this pineapple tank just adorable?  I love the pineapple fad this summer.  I found this one at Old Navy and it also came in silver.  To cute to pass up.

Everyone needs a comfy pair of casual shorts.  I got these at Target.  And I have to tell ya, I really like them.  They are a 5 inch inseam and they are comfy as heck.  You have room to wiggle in them :)

My favorite summer time shoe's.  I have had them for years.  Usually every summer you can find some kind of style like this at JCPenny's.  I love shopping there and I  love their shoe selection.

JULY 7, 2014 
Well you can definitely tell summer has it hit for sure.  I had to go out yesterday and run errands and by the time I finished getting dressed there was this huge pile of clothes on my bed. I just couldn't decided.  How often do you have those days?  I wanted to keep it simple so this is what I decided to go with.

This is a great buy.  I found it at Target.  It has a little zig zag print it is black and white and it has just enough color in the threading on top to make it pop out.  This is a very comfortable shirt very light in material and you don't need to layer it.  It's not see through. YAY!!!
Now this are my definitely my go to jeans.  I love the Old Navy rock star jeans.  These however are their ankle cropped for the summer.  They are perfect in the length for me. The look good rolled up, unrolled , with flats, sandals, or heels.  There are my favorite.  What is your  jeans?

I just recently discovered Charming Charlie.  Can you say OMGosh!!! I absolutely love that place.  If you haven't been in one it is a must for sure.  So I added these chunky strands of beads to help the color pop out.

I think every woman needs a straw hat for summer.  I love the fedora style.  And it goes with everything.  This is my favorite in my closet.  It fits my head just right.  This was a Target find many years ago.

I found these great summer sandals at Kohl's the other day.

JUNE 28, 2014 
 I just love black and white.  It is the one color combination that looks Fantastic with a a pop of color and can use any color you like for that pop of color.  So this is what I put together for today.

Strapless Dress from Old Navy.  It is very comfortable and you can totally move in  it.  It fits your curves just right. Find yours at  Old Navy

My pop of color was a red cardigan from Target.  I love these sweaters they are the best. Find yours at Target

Brushed chunky silver necklace and earrings is what I loved with dress.  Being strapless allows the necklace to sit right at the top of the neck.  Pairs perfect.

All together it looks like this. 

If you have any other suggestions that you think would pair well with my black and white strip dress please feel free to leave your own fashion two cents.  Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to come back

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